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Brian Brown, Ph.D
Principal Investigator
Associate Professor

- Can solve a Rubik's cube in three moves or less
- Has read War & Peace, cover to cover
- Was an extra for Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones
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Alessia Baccarini, Ph.D
Assistant Professor

- Has tried coffee from seven different countries
"Italian is the best, sincerely"
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Judith Agudo, Ph.D
Postdoctoral Fellow

- Once met Bill Murray
- Never listens to music with both headphones in
It's a personal decision"
- Has successfully performed quintuple bypass surgery on a mouse
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Ola Wroblewska, Ph.D
Postdoctoral Fellow

- Premiere League Afficiando
- Has seen everything available on Netflix
Even the foreign ones"
- Real name is Aleksandra
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Vaagn Andikyan, M.D., Ph.D
GYN-Oncology Fellow

Amateur figure skater and gymnast
- Currently vegan
Vegan Vaagn"
- Record holder for highest vector titer in lab
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Gavriel Mullokandov, Ph.D
MD/PhD Candidate

- Performs Stand Up Comedy
"Three Russian guys walk into a bar..."
- Favorite holiday is fashion week
- Hopes to climb the Grand Canyon
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Jenielle Jobson, B.S.
Ph.D Candidate

- Plays triangle for a symphonic orchestra
- Appeared on "Kids Say the Darndest Things"
"The boyfriend episode"
- Proficient in esperanto

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Sope Oguntuyo, B.S.
Graduate Student

- Radio Talk Show Host
- Has never been to Starbuck's
"Too mainstream"
- Favorite food is twinkies
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Eun Park, M.S.
Research Assistant

- Does not have a favorite color
- Aspiring Rap artist
- Completed four triathlons
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Brian Kim, M.S.
Research Assistant

- Plays the trombone
- Loves leather-bound poetry
Joyce is a personal favorite"
- DJ's on weekends