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The .ns File

NeuronStudio makes extensive use of a text file named .ns that must be present in the same directory as the executable program. Although ideally you should never have to work with this file, at the time of this writing, direct editing of the file is the only way to acheive certain results. You will primarily need to edit this file to change parameters for a few image processing routines.

   boolean : A boolean truth value.
   integer : A integer in the set of real numbers.
   float   : A floating point number in the set of real numbers.
   {}      : Indicates a set of values.
   [ or ]  : Begin or end a range with inclusion of corresponding value.
   ( or )  : Begin or end a range WITHOUT inclusion of corresponding value.

   integer:{1, 2, 3} is an integer the can have the value 1, 2, or 3.
   integer:[0, 100] is an integer that can be any value from 0 to 100. 

Parameters to the noise image filter.
level=16.000000  float:[0.0, +INF]
iterations=20    integer:[0, +INF]

Parameters to the gamma correction image filter.
value=1.700000  float:[0.0, +INF]

Parameters to the resize image filter.
width=256   integer:[1, +INF]
height=256  integer:[1, +INF]
length=256  integer:[1, +INF]
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