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Selection and Deselection

NeuronStudio relies on the concept of selecting and deselecting objects for the purpose of editing. Currently these objects are the vertices of the model, spines, and measurements. You can select these objects by clicking and dragging, forming a rectangular area, in the 2D or 3D window while holding down the Alt key. Depending on which mode (selected tool) you are in, the appropriate objects will be selected.

  • Neurite Tool to select vertices of the model.
  • Spine Tool to select spines.
  • Measure Tool to select measurements.

As you click and drag (while holding the Alt key), a bounding rectangle is drawn on the display. See image below for an example with vertices. Remember spines AND measurements are selected and deselected in the same manner.

Additionally, you can select the various objects by type by accessing the Edit >> Select by Type sub-menu.

TIP: To select a single object, try positioning the cursor over the object and single clicking while holding down the Alt key. This is basically creating a small intersection rectangle that might only intersect that object.

IMPORTANT: If any of the intersecting objects are currently selected, then only deselection occurs. If none of the intersecting objects are currently selected, then only selection occurs. This is done to prevent unintentional selection.

TIP: Pressing the Esc key will deselect ALL objects, regardless of the current mode. This can also be accomplished by the menu item Edit >> Deselect All.

Example: (selecting vertices)

Selection Example 1 Image 1

After you release, the 2D rectangle is extended through the volume and any object that intersects it becomes selected. Note that selected objects are drawn with a bounding box drawn around them. See image below.

Selection Example 1 Image 2

Deselection is accomplished in a similar manner. Again, click and drag while holding the Alt key to stretch the bounding rectangle around the objects you want to deselect. See image below.

Selection Example 1 Image 3

After releasing the mouse button, any intersecting objects become deselected. See image below.

Selection Example 1 Image 4

Magnet Tool

Selection of vertices with the magnet tool Magnet Tool works differently than the neurite tool. When this mode is active, you may click and drag on vertices of the model on the 2D window to quickly reposition them. A bounding rectangle is not used so you must click directly over (i.e within the radii of) the vertices to select them. Any non-intersecting vertices that were already selected will become deselected.

IMPORTANT: If there are no intersecting vertices when the magnet tool is clicked and dragged within the display, then translation of the display will occur.

TIP: Pressing the G key will switch to the magnet mode as well.


1) The image below shows a typical model with a number of vertices already selected.

Magnet Tool Example 1 Image 1

2) With the magnet tool active, click on vertices of the model to select them. Remember that if no vertices intersect the location of the mouse click, then holding the left mouse button down and dragging will translate the display. The image below shows that two vertices intersected the mouse click and therefore become selected. Note that all non-intersecting vertices become deselected.

Magnet Tool Example 1 Image 2

3) If you click and drag using the magnet tool, then any intersecting vertices will be translated. See the image below. This is one of the basic editing operations on the model that NeuronStudio provides. See also Translation and Rotation.

Magnet Tool Example 1 Image 3

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