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Other Viewing Options

This page provides an overview of some situations in which it might be useful to continuosly display things like the current seed location, the connection axis of detected spines, or the current region of interest. These and other options are provided in the View menu. The image below shows these three options as they would appear in the 2D and 3D window.

Miscellaneous Viewing Options

For some operations it is useful to syncrhonize the zoom and position of all projections. To achieve this just double-click with the hand tool along any visible dendrite. This will cause NeuronStudio to find the corresponding 3D location (based on intensity) and center all views arround this point, as well as setting the zoom of the other 2D views to the same zoom as the current view.

The 3D window can be made to automatically rotate the model on the screen at a given speed. This of course assumes that you video card can render each frame at the desired speed. Use the F11 function key in your keyboard to increase the rotation speed and use F12 to stop the rotation.

After the spine analysis has been run, the octree structure used to optimize spine voxel processing may be visualized by selecting any of the options under Octree in the View menu of the 3D Window. Empty octree nodes are outlined in black, while non-empty nodes are outlined in red (see image below).

3D Octree

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