About TSS

TSS stands for TIFF Stack Subsampler. As the name implies its is used to reduce the number of voxels used to represent a volumetric dataset by means of subsampling. If a dataset was collected at a high resolution and you would like to use that data for a different purpose where that level of resolution is not required, or even desirable, then you can use TSS to compute a smaller version of the same dataset.

In order to produce accurate subsampled stacks, TSS weights the contribution of individual voxels to voxels in the new dataset. This method preserves the appearance of small features and gradients in the data and avoids the artifacts that can be introduced if a nearest neighbor algorithm was used. In addition the program has a complete graphical user interface that has been designed with ease of use in mind. Stacks can be selected from the disk by point and click and the user is free to specify the new dimensions as actual pixels of as a percent of the original dimensions.