Setting the Voxel Size

The voxel size determines the physical dimension of the data elements in the volume according to the resolution at which the images were sampled. The voxel size is defined by the size of each voxel in X, Y, and Z. These are also referred to as the step sizes. All the stacks in a dataset must have the same voxel dimensions. The voxel size is maintained for reference and also to allow use of the measuring tool.

You can set the voxel dimensions at the time you create the workspace or you can set them by choosing Voxel Dimensions from the File menu while the workspace is open. Either way you set the voxel size through the Voxels dialog (shown below). Here you can set the units and the spacing or step size in each dimension. By convention the X and Y spacing refers to the horizontal and vertical pixel dimensions in each optical section, while the Z stepping refers to the physical separation between adjacent optical sections.