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Chemical Screening

Translational Chemical Biology Center (TCBC)

Recent advances in biomedical sciences have drastically accelerated the discovery of molecular and cellular bases of intractable human diseases. One of our major challenges today is how to translate the newly acquired knowledge of biological components and mechanisms into new medicines for disease prevention and treatment. The Translational Chemical Biology Center aims to facilitate this translation process and to develop new knowledge in the field of chemical biology focused on the discovery of small molecules as potential new therapeutic agents. Specifically, the Center provides research investigators at Mount Sinai access to small molecule chemical compounds that can be used as tools to advance discovery basic and translational research of human biology and disease and in drug discovery. Technologies in the Center can also to facilitate validation and discovery of novel therapeutic targets for new disease treatment. Towards these goals, the Center provides sustained support in form of specialized technical expertise in organizing and maintaining various generic and focused chemical libraries, and in handling high-throughput screening (HTS) of small-molecule chemicals using a variety of assay approaches. These include target-based biochemical assays as well as cell-based functional assays. The Center staff can assist investigators in design and development of various screening assays, and facilitate the exchange of assays being developed among participating laboratories and also organize training activities.

The chemical screening resources at the TCBC include diverse chemical libraries of ~115,000 small-molecule chemical compounds selected based on their drug-like properties as defined by the Lipinski’s “Rule of Five”, and automatic liquid handling robotic systems (TECAN EVO150 and EVO200). In addition, a 500 MHz NMR spectrometer in Mount Sinai’s NMR Facility that is equipped with an automated sample changer is available for structure-based chemical screening. We are planning the synthesis of an expanded collection of protein family-based chemical libraries through combinatorial synthesis. With planned increased Center’s functions, the handling of chemical libraries including analysis and formatting, and “customization” for individual screening will be carried out by staff chemists at the Center.

The Center will function both as an intellectual base and a shared research facility for all MSSM’s faculty to facilitate their quest to develop new medicines for disease treatment. The Center provides intellectual capital, collaborative opportunities and advanced training in state-of-the-art technologies in chemical biology and participates in the training of future research scientists and health care practitioners.

The TCBC provides the following services:

  • Format and maintain libraries of small-molecule chemical compounds for HTS.
  • Assist researchers in creating and formatting high-throughput assays.
  • Perform target structure-based chemical screening.
  • Assist with selection of compounds to be purchased and tracking and analyzing screening data.
  • Facilitate structure-activity relationship (SAR) analyses following chemical screening by structure-based, biochemical or in silico methods.
  • Assist in design of new compounds to be synthesized, and coordinate purchase of compound libraries.


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