Dr. Ming Ming Zhou

Ming-Ming Zhou, PhD
Professor and Chair Structural and Chemical Biology
Professor Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics
Professor Oncological Sciences
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

The research of the Zhou laboratory is centered on understanding the fundamental epigenetic mechanisms of gene expression directed by histone modifications. We seek new structural and functional insights into molecular interactions and regulation of gene transcription that govern development, cell growth and differentiation. Integrated structural/chemical biology, and molecular/cellular biology approaches are used to determine three-dimensional structures of proteins, to investigate their chemical properties for molecular modifications and interactions, to elucidate their cellular functions, and to develop novel chemical molecules capable of modulating these functions. The current focus of his laboratory includes the roles of the Trithorax protein complexes and the Polycomb repressive complexes in gene activation and silencing in human biology of health and disease such as stem cell self-renewal and lineage commitment, cancer and inflammation.



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