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Eimear Kenny, PhD, Assistant Professor

Our research focuses on the analysis of human genetic variation to address fundamental questions in biology, medicine and anthropology. We are interested in detecting patterns of demography in genomic data to inform our inference of human evolution and history, and result in better outcomes for medical genomics. We combine population genetics theory, complex disease mapping, statistical modeling and experimentation to gain a deeper understanding of the landscape of genetic variation in global populations and its impact on function, fitness and adaptation. A detailed description of current projects can be found here.

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2017.07.06: Editors pick in American Journal of Human Genetics "Polygenic Risk Scores for the World"

2017.05.22: Comment in " In 'Enormous Success', Scientists Tie 52 Genes to Human Intelligence" in The New York Times

2017.04.17: "Patient Diversity in Cancer Research Essential to Addressing Health Disparities, Scientists Say" on GenomeWeb

2017.01.11: Comments on "Exploring the Epigenetics of Ethnicity" in The Scientist

2016.06.15: "New Illumina SNP Array Fuels European Consortium Founded to Foment 'Third Generation GWAS Era'" in GenomeWeb

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