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2017.08.08: Mount Sinai selected as one of six national sites for the NHGRI funded Clinical Sequencing and Evidience-based Research; NHGRI Press release, PharmaBiz, GenomeWeb, Crain Business News , Healthcare IT News

2017.08.02: Medicine is getting more Precise... For White People on FiveThirtyEight

2017.07.06: Editors pick in American Journal of Human Genetics "Polygenic Risk Scores for the World"

2017.05.22: Comment in " In 'Enormous Success', Scientists Tie 52 Genes to Human Intelligence" in The New York Times,

2017.04.17: "Patient Diversity in Cancer Research Essential to Addressing Health Disparities, Scientists Say" on GenomeWeb

2017.01.11: Comments on "Exploring the Epigenetics of Ethnicity" in The Scientist

2016.06.30: "African Ancestry and Dangerous Blood Clots" in DNA Science Blog

2016.06.15: "New Illumina SNP Array Fuels European Consortium Founded to Foment 'Third Generation GWAS Era'" in GenomeWeb

2015.10.29: "Steel Syndrome in the Puerto Rican community of East Harlem" in Rare Disease Reports

2015.10.27: "How a genetic map of 32,000 New Yorker could improve health in the city" in CityLab

2015.10.10: "Geneticists reconstructe population history of New York City" in Heritage Daily

2015.01.28: Design and Implementation of the Next Generation of Genome-Wide Association Studies with the Multi-Ethnic Genotyping Array in GenomeWeb

2014.05.09: Identity-by-Descent Mapping uncovers large effect haplotype confering short stature in Hispanic/Latinos in GenomeWeb

2013.08.13: Editorial on RFMix paper in Nature Review Genetics

2012.12.26: Editorials and articles on the 1000 Genomes phase 1 paper in Genome Biology, Science Daily, Mass Genomics, Dienekes, Science News, Open Helix , GenomeWeb, and F1000

2012.05.17: Editorials and articles on the ESP population genetics paper in Science, including Science Daily, NGSwatch, and

Solomon Islander blonde hair featured in the Smithsonian NHGRI Human Genome exhibit

2012.05.03:Blond hair in the Solomon Islands is caused by a missense mutation in TYRP1.

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