Michael Linderman


I am Michael Linderman, a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences and a member of the Icahn Institute of Genomics and Multiscale Biology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. I am a computer engineer and a computational biologist working to deliver the scale of computing required by the "new biology".

Research in brief...

At the scale of 100s giagbytes of data per complete genome, computational systems biology is quickly reaching a scale of computing more typically associated with Google, Facebook, or Yahoo. This is "big-data", and as such life scientists cannot be mere consumers of high-performance computing (HPC) technology but must also be innovators. Successfully extracting clinical insight from large-scale high-dimensional datasets will depend on us building new computer systems (hardware and software) that are orders-of-magnitude bigger, faster and more efficient than anything in use today. My research focuses on doing just that.

I am particularly focused on genomic medicine and the software tools, databases and workflows needed to quickly and accurately identify a molecular diagnosis for genetic disease, identify new causal genes and give individuals a better understanding of their health. I develop and maintain the Icahn Institute's Genome Analysis Pipeline (GAP), which is validated for clinical use in New York State and been successfully applied to identify causal mutations in multiple patients. The GAP is one part of a larger genome analysis infrastructure we are developing to integrate electronic health records, bio-repositories, public databases and our own active sequencing program into an evermore comprehensive understanding of genomic medicine.