Ma'ayan Laboratory, Avi Ma'ayan, PhD

Network Datasets for Download

Name Description SIG flat file format
CA1 Neuron Signaling Dataset version used in the paper (Ma'ayan et al. published in Science Aug. 12 2005) for the analysis and visualization of CA1 neuron cellular network. The dataset is dated 9.22.2004 9.22.2004.txt
CA1 Neuron Signaling The current updated version of the CA1 neuron cellular network dated 6.1.2006 6.1.2006.txt
CA1 Neuron Signaling Archived versions of the CA1 neuron cellular network
Receptors and Channels Dataset containing interactions extracted from Alexander et al. "Guide to Receptors and Channels, 1st Edition" PMID: 15082510 alexander.txt
E. Coli gene Regulatory Network Gene regulatory network of E. coli created from RegulonDB ecoli.txt
Focal Adhesion Complex The focal Adhesome network fa.sig
PPI from Vidal Y2H Protein-protein interactions extracted from PMID: 16189514 vidal.sig
PPI from Stelzl Y2H Protein-protein interactions extracted from PMID: 16169070 Stelzl.sig
PPI from Figeys Protein-protein interactions extracted from PMID: 17353931 figeys.sig
PPI from PDZBase Protein-protein interactions from PDZBase pdzbase.sig
Neuronal Connectivity in C. elegans Connections between neurons in C. Elegans created from the Worm Atlas neuron.sig
Yeast gene regulatory networks using chip-chip Yeast transcriptional regulatory network downloaded from: yeast.sig
Air traffic control network Air traffic control network. This network was constructed from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) National Flight Data Center (NFDC), Preferred Routes Database. Nodes in this network represent airports or service centers and links are created from strings of preferred routes recommended by NFDC; downloaded from: faa.sig
Food web of Little Rock Lake Food web of Little Rock Lake, Wisconsin. Nodes in this network are autotrophs, herbivores, carnivors or decomposers whereas links represent food sources. This network was first published by Martinez in 1991 [Martinez, N. D. 1991 Artifacts or attributes? Effects of resolution on the Little Rock Lake food web. Ecol.Monogr. 61, 367-392] foodweb.sig

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