Lab and center members and collaborators

This page lists the members of the Purcell Lab and individuals from the Center and Division for Psychiatric Genomics with whom we (Drs. Purcell and Pamela Sklar) work closely.

Open positions

We currently have two open positions.

Current group members

Douglas Ruderfer ( bioinformatician III )

Menachem Fromer ( research assistant professor )

Eli Stahl ( assistant professor )

Eimear Kenny ( assistant professor )

Elizabeth Webster ( associate bioinformatician )

Alexander Charney ( graduate assistant )

Panos Roussous ( house staff fellow, Psychiatry )

Jessica Johnson ( laboratory supervisor )

Noura Abul-hsun ( resident physician, Internal Medicine and Medical Genetics )

Qingrun Zhang ( postdoctoral fellow )

Amanda Dobbyn ( PhD student with Eli Stahl )

Benjamin Glicksberg ( PhD student, Neuroscience )

Albert Hainsworth ( administrative assistant )

Lynn Hendrickson ( administrative director )

Previous Purcell lab members

Nadia Solovieff ( post-doc; currently research scientist with Novartis )

Sarah Bergen ( post-doc; currently assistant professor at the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden )

Colm O'Dushlaine ( post-doc; currently research scientist at the Broad Institute )

Yan Meng ( post-doc; currently staff scientist at the Broad Institute )

Manuel Ferriera ( post-doc; currently faculty at Queensland Institute for Medical Research )

Phil Hyoun Lee ( post-doc; currently an Instructor at Massachusetts General Hospital )

Jennifer Stone ( post-doc; currently with Illumina Inc. )

Brett Thomas ( programmer; currently programmer at ATGU, Massachusetts General Hospital )

Lori Thomas ( programmer/research assistant )

Kathe Todd-Brown ( programmer/research assistant; currently PhD student at UC Irvine )

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